Our Purpose

I spent over 20 years in sales and sales management before starting E3 in 2005. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work with virtually every type of business and in every industry. My clients have ranged from small, mom-and-pop local businesses to large corporations that are spread all across the United States. It is from that experience that I have drawn the ideas and strategies I teach to help people improve their performance in the workplace and to achieve their maximum potential in life.

Our Vision

e3 Professional Trainers is an organization built on the highest standards of excellence and dedicated to helping as many people and organizations as possible throughout the nation to reach and maintain a level of excellence in the workplace and in their day-to-day lives.

Our Mission

E3 Professional Trainers will work with individuals, teams, and/or entire companies to provide high-quality, engaging, and applicable training for work and life. We will seek to help people understand the importance of living a balanced life, giving attention to all five areas of human development (Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual, Social, and Moral) while maintaining margin. We will strive to educate them and their employers of the impact this will have on making the individual a better employee, which, in turn will create a better work atmosphere. The inevitable result will be stronger, more productive, and more profitable teams and companies, while adding to the quality of life for everyone in the organization. The ultimate goal of our coaching, training, and speaking engagements will be to bring a higher level of achievement and fulfillment to individuals and greater results to the client’s organization.

Our Values

E3 Professional Trainers will seek to honor God in all we do as a company. We are committed to maintaining the highest possible level of ethical excellence. We will adhere to an uncompromised standard of truth and fairness, regardless of the cost to our company. We will not align with, nor maintain any pre-existing alliance with any other company or individuals that do not subscribe to and demonstrate a similar code of ethics. We will seek to make every effort to be fair to our employees, our clients, and to other companies with whom we partner.

Training Philosophy

We believe that to improve anything in a work setting, it is much more important to impact the people that make up and facilitate the “systems” in the organization rather than to initially address any problems that may exist within the “systems.” In any organization, business relationship, or business transaction, the main ingredient is the people. Regardless of the industry or business category, the people determine the success or failure.

Though we can provide training to help people understand how they can improve their performance, we believe that neither a trainer nor any manager/supervisor can improve an employee’s performance. The individual must choose for himself or herself to make the necessary changes in order to improve their own performance. Our intention is not to merely motivate or inspire the people we train with great stories, videos or peripheral material, but rather to transform their thinking about the importance of their role in making their company successful. Then, we will give them applicable action-steps they can utilize as soon as they leave the training session. If those tools are put into practice and become a part of their day-to-day activities, they can help the individual sustain a higher level of productivity and greater overall performance.

By improving the perspective and, in turn, the performance of the individuals within an organization, the inevitable result will be a higher level of profitability for the organization. Amid this transformation, not only will the organization benefit, but because the overall work-place atmosphere is created by the people, it will also be improved, creating a self-perpetuating positive cycle.

Education & Training

Bachelor of Science in Ag Communications – Texas Tech University

LifeNet Time Management Training – LifeNet Incorporated

Your Leadership Legacy – The Ken Blanchard Company

Top Selling – Zig Ziglar

Professional Selling Skills – Learning International

Basic Selling Skills – AVI International

System 21 Selling – Executive Decision Systems

Fast Track Media Sales – Cox Media Inc.

Ethics 101 – Cox Enterprises

On A Personal Note

When I am not working, I spend most of my time with my wife of 20 years, Cathy, and our 3 kids. I met Cathy while we were both attending First Baptist Church in our college years at Texas Tech. She is a teacher by degree, but now works full-time for E3. She is a great business partner and I couldn’t do what I do without her. More than that, though, she is an incredible wife and mom. Cathy grew up on a ranch in central Texas, and still enjoys going back to the hills and trees when we can.

Our oldest son, Clayton, followed in our college footprints, and is a proud Red Raider. He is majoring in business and loves the outdoors. He faced a major health challenge when he was thirteen that almost took his life. Through his recovery and rehab, he has proven himself to be one of the most determined and persevering people I’ve even known.

Carley, our only daughter, is in High School. She too is a very determined kid that loves life and wants everyone else to love it with her. She is a cheerleader and plays volleyball. I can’t wait to see what path she chooses in life, but whatever that may encompass; I know she will be successful because she’ll work as hard as is necessary to guarantee that.

Cole is our youngest. He attends elementary school and is one of the most easy-going kids I’ve ever seen. Like most “youngest” children, he has spent a lot of time at the gym or elsewhere watching his brother and sister compete and perform. As long as he has a pocket full of Legos to play with, he is usually good to go and good to stay for however long. His favorite sport is baseball, but his favorite pass-time is to make people laugh. I really think that is how he measures success at this point.

Cathy and I have worked with college students in the University Ministry at First Baptist Church in Lubbock ever since we graduated from Tech. That has been a constant for us for over 20 years. Being a dad is truly my favorite “hobby”. From coaching, to cheering, to helping with school; family-life is one of my top priorities. That’s a little about us. Thanks for caring enough to keep reading to the end.