e3 Learning Room

Could you and/or your team members benefit from a resource that provides inspiration, motivation, instruction, and direction? Regardless of work ethic or job satisfaction, we can all benefit from new strategies and tools to help increase our personal productivity. We offer a place you can access online, self-paced training 24/7 for one person or for your entire team.

The e3 Learning Room gives you access to past webinars and other full-length training videos that will engage, equip and empower you and your team members to do your job better and enjoy it more. We have a library of instructional pieces that allows individuals to customize their learning progression and move through it at their own pace with new material is being added weekly. You can focus on particular areas in which you need dramatic improvement or utilize the full range of topics to develop or maintain a well-rounded skill set to maximize your time and energy at work and in your personal life. We offer varying levels of membership to fit you and your organization. From a single subscription for one person to stair-step pricing for different sized organizations, the e3 Learning Room is a cost-efficient way to provide online training to increase the performance of your most important tool…your people.

In addition to the Learning Room content you will be able to access immediately with your membership, we also offer monthly online live training opportunities. With your e3 Learning Room membership, you will be able to attend these for no additional cost with a current membership.


How to Work with Perpetually Disorganized People

Do you work with someone or several someones that frustrate you because of their disorganization? Whether it is because they seem to lose everything, waste time drowning in their piles and PostIt Notes, or worst of all, pollute your system because they don’t realize you have a system you’re trying to implement or stick to…these people can become time bandits and negative influencers. This takes a toll on them, you, and everyone on your team if only in an indirect way. If that sounds familiar, this webinar will help you greatly. I’m going to deliver 13 strategies for how you can help them to become more organized, and maybe more importantly, how you can protect your day from their inability to stay organized. These are practical steps you can embrace to coach and/or retrain them even if you aren’t their manager or supervisor.

How to Build or Rebuild Your Team

Building a team culture has always been a challenge. Building a team culture in the midst of trying to reestablish a new “normal,” or trying to return to what WAS normal before the pandemic is much more difficult. With some people still working remotely full or part time, some back in the office after growing accustomed to working alone, and still others who were hired over the last two years and are just getting to know their teammates, organizations are having to be more resourceful and purposeful to create a team atmosphere. In this 60 minute deep dive, I’ll deliver 10 ways for you to build or rebuild your team. From what we expect and communicate to how we’ll engage and incentivize our team members, these strategies will help you help them to fully contribute the best they can bring to make your team better…regardless of how big or small the team may be.

What’s Your Point: Communicating for Greater Influence

We’ve all experienced a time when we said (or wanted to say), “So, what’s your point?” Someone tried to tell us something, but didn’t communicate it clearly. If we’re honest with ourselves, we’d also have to admit that there have been times when others thought that about us. In this webinar, I’ll cover 15 non-verbal contributors which are either helping you get your message across or keeping you from delivering your content clearly. Many of these are things to which you may not have given much thought. Other people with whom you communicate may be processing your message through these non-verbal filters without being aware. If you want to become a person of greater personal influence and have a deeper impact in your personal and professional relationships, join us for this webinar.

Managing High Maintenance High Performers

We’ve all had one of those people on our team who is really good at their job, but makes life hard on their teammates and manager. This is a difficult situation to navigate but one that can’t be ignored. In this webinar, you’ll realize the direct and indirect influence this has on your team and operations that may not be readily apparent. You’ll discover a way to tap into their desire to influence other people. If you can learn to turn this from negative to positive, it can dramatically shift the dynamics within your team. And finally, we’ll discuss the things you need to consider regarding when to address it, how assertive you should be, and how to go about confronting the issue. Whether you’re new to management or have been in it for a long time, these tools will help you redirect this negative behavior and create a more positive culture that will generate better results.

4 Keys to Increasing Your Time Management System

Are you ever frustrated by how “chopped up” your schedule is? Do you feel like you can’t get anything done because of how busy you are? That sounds like an oxymoron, but for many of us it is a reality. We run at full speed all day and often leave feeling like we didn’t really accomplish anything. We’ll look at 4 ways you can make yourself more efficient and productive.  We’ll start by examining the sequence and succession to your day, how you build your week, and how to avoid some of the “cracks” where time seems to escape.  Next, I’ll give you several ideas for how you can use your time management tool more effectively.

Keeping Conflict Constructive

If conflict within your team or organization seems to do more harm than good, this webinar will help. You will learn…1) Three key mindsets people hold that lead to conflict. 2) Three considerations which can help you to preemptively lessen the tension and frustration that often comes with conflict. 3) And I’ll give you four strategies to make sure any disagreements that arise will yield productive outcomes. Whether or not you are a manager/supervisor, these strategies will equip you to direct conflict in a positive way and allow it to become a tool for progress rather than one of destruction.

20 Tactics for Building Your Team

One of the most important and sometimes most difficult challenges of leadership is creating an environment where teamwork is a reality. Getting people to play well in the sandbox we call the workplace is hard enough, but actually taking people with different backgrounds, beliefs, motivations, aspirations and values, and helping them function together effectively and efficiently is often a test for many managers and supervisors. Couple that with the added fact that many people worked remotely for the last year and are now accustomed to working more by themselves. Many teams are smaller than they had been due to cutbacks, and you may even have new team members that may be meeting their teammates for the first time in recent weeks/months.

Moving Forward Better Equipped

Where do you think we are relative to the pandemic timeline? Whether you believe we’ve only seen the beginning, are somewhere in the middle of it, or that we are emerging from it, one thing is certain; we have learned a lot about ourselves, how we work, and how creative we can be when necessary. In this 60 minute deep-dive webinar, I’ll lead you through a workshop style presentation that will not only give you several strategies to increase engagement and productivity, you’ll also consider what “lessons” we can learn and hold onto as a result of Covid. From successes to shortcomings, we can learn from almost any experience in life and in business. We’ll look at how those are affecting your thinking, and how you can use them for future success.

Forming Habits for Success

Very few things affect your performance and the overall impact you have in life more than your habits. By their very nature, we typically don’t even think about the fact that they control how we act and respond as “life happens.” Our habits contribute to our productivity at work, our interaction with other people, and even our patterns throughout the day. Some of these habits are good, in that they help us to accomplish our goals and maintain a positive lifestyle. Others, however, hold us back and can even be destructive. You’ll see that you don’t break habits, but rather, you must form new ones to replace the old ones.

Taming the Conflict Instigators

If you have team members that seem to look for and create conflict, this webinar will equip you to break that pattern. You’ll learn 4 strategies that you can utilize to turn conflict from contention into a tool for refining ideas and solving problems. Once these strategies are incorporated and used consistently, team members will learn to view conflict differently, and stop avoiding it. The ultimate result will be a workplace environment where people can engage in healthy conflict without fearing the negative after-effects that often accompanies it.

Making Teamwork Work for Your Team

One of the most important ingredients in the productivity recipe for business is to make sure your team is functioning as one unit…the proverbial well-oiled machine. However, like many other parts of business, that is often easier said than done. I’ll present 4 of the most crucial components to creating a culture that will enable your team to work together more effectively and efficiently. We’ll cover hiring and retaining the right people, how to create opportunities for familiarity and closeness, and finally, how to shift the focus from individualism to team accomplishment.

How to Flourish After a Crisis

Whether you are an office dweller, cubicle worker, outside salesperson, manager, or you have suddenly become a homeschool teacher; the current social restrictions and quarantine have suddenly thrust many people into an unfamiliar and challenging circumstance. Working remotely can be difficult for many reasons. In this webinar, I will teach several ways that you can not only survive this unusual time, but actually remain productive…and possibly even become more efficient and effective. If you want to increase your productivity while working remotely, this webinar will help, regardless of your role.

Organizing the 4 Key Workspace Quicksand Traps

This is one of the few “Push the Reset Button” times of year when people often determine to reinvent themselves. The problem is, if you really knew how to do that, you would probably have already made those changes/improvements. In this deep-dive webinar, I’ll deliver functional steps you can take to organize the four main silos that often take away from productivity. FYI – we won’t endeavor to “fix” them…just help them to work within your organizational system.

Getting Past the Gatekeeper

Cold calling is one of the most difficult parts of the sales job, and getting past the gatekeeper to the decision maker is often the most challenging step of the cold calling process. This thirty minute “Rapid Fire” webinar will equip you to more effectively get past the receptionist, administrative assistant, or executive assistant that is standing between you and your target. You will learn a new perspective that will cause you to see that person in a different light and approach them in a more collaborative way.

Personal Productivity for Managers

As a manager, does it ever seem impossible to get your own work done because you are constantly helping your team members to get theirs done? This is a common frustration many managers experience, but don’t necessarily know how to overcome. This thirty-minute RAPID FIRE webinar will equip you with a strategy to overcoming this problem. We’ll discuss 4 areas that are completely within your control that you need to evaluate which will affect every part of your productivity.

Personal Productivity for Managers Part 2

When you’re managing others, it is often hard to find the time to get your own pile of work done. Your in-tray, in-box, and voicemail are frequently overflowing until after hours or early tomorrow morning. This webinar will equip you to be available for your team, yet still find time to tackle your own responsibilities without working unreasonable hours. We’ll dispel the myth of an “open door policy,” and show you how you can remain accessible by putting some parameters in place that will insure you can still be productive.

More Organized and Productive

Many people look at “getting organized” as taking half a day to clean everything off their desk. While this may make for a temporarily clear desktop, it often also means they can’t find anything for the next week or two. Truly getting organized means much more than stashing things in a drawer or trashing items with the thought that if it was important enough, you can always print another copy or someone else will bring it to you again.

Conflict Doesn’t Have To Be Destructive

Is conflict a constant within your organization? Would your co-workers consider you to be a contributor to conflict, or to resolving it? Most people readily admit that conflict is a problem, but very few are adept at finding the best outcome before some level of relational or emotional damage is done. Conflict is a major obstacle for team building and productivity, and can be a major cause of stress…ultimately; it often leads to high employee turnover.