e3 Learning Room

Could you and/or your team members benefit from a resource that provides inspiration, motivation, instruction, and direction? Regardless of work ethic or job satisfaction, we can all benefit from new strategies and tools to help increase our personal productivity. We offer a place you can access online, self-paced training 24/7 for one person or for your entire team.

The e3 Learning Room gives you access to past webinars and other full-length training videos that will engage, equip and empower you and your team members to do your job better and enjoy it more. We have a library of instructional pieces that allows individuals to customize their learning progression and move through it at their own pace with new material is being added weekly. You can focus on particular areas in which you need dramatic improvement or utilize the full range of topics to develop or maintain a well-rounded skill set to maximize your time and energy at work and in your personal life. We offer varying levels of membership to fit you and your organization. From a single subscription for one person to stair-step pricing for different sized organizations, the e3 Learning Room is a cost-efficient way to provide online training to increase the performance of your most important tool…your people.

In addition to the Learning Room content you will be able to access immediately with your membership, we also offer monthly online live training opportunities. With your e3 Learning Room membership, you will be able to attend these for no additional cost with a current membership.


Personal Productivity for Managers

As a manager, does it ever seem impossible to get your own work done because you are constantly helping your team members to get theirs done? This is a common frustration many managers experience, but don’t necessarily know how to overcome. This thirty-minute RAPID FIRE webinar will equip you with a strategy to overcoming this problem. We’ll discuss 4 areas that are completely within your control that you need to evaluate which will affect every part of your productivity.

Getting Past the Gatekeeper

Cold calling is one of the most difficult parts of the sales job, and getting past the gatekeeper to the decision maker is often the most challenging step of the cold calling process. This thirty minute “Rapid Fire” webinar will equip you to more effectively get past the receptionist, administrative assistant, or executive assistant that is standing between you and your target. You will learn a new perspective that will cause you to see that person in a different light and approach them in a more collaborative way.

More Organized and Productive

Many people look at “getting organized” as taking half a day to clean everything off their desk. While this may make for a temporarily clear desktop, it often also means they can’t find anything for the next week or two. Truly getting organized means much more than stashing things in a drawer or trashing items with the thought that if it was important enough, you can always print another copy or someone else will bring it to you again.

Conflict Doesn’t Have To Be Destructive

Is conflict a constant within your organization? Would your co-workers consider you to be a contributor to conflict, or to resolving it? Most people readily admit that conflict is a problem, but very few are adept at finding the best outcome before some level of relational or emotional damage is done. Conflict is a major obstacle for team building and productivity, and can be a major cause of stress…ultimately; it often leads to high employee turnover.

Pick Up the Pace

Are you feeling overwhelmed as you look at the rest of your year, your to-do list, and your inbox? Or would you simply like to accomplish more in less time so you have time for other areas of life? Everyone feels like they maxed out every waking hour, especially work hours. Yet, there is almost always a stack or a list or an inbox that still needs more time. This 45 minute webinar will deliver 6 practical strategies that will help you truly maximize your time and energy.

Pressing the Reset Button

In this 60 minute, deep dive webinar, you’ll see how important it is to give attention to all five areas of human development (Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual, Social, and Moral), and how each separate area effects every other area, though they may not seem to be directly connected. We’ll look at what you can do to feel and function better, reduce stress, have better relationships, and become a person of greater influence both personally and professionally.

Team Building

When you hear TEAM BUILDING, what comes to mind? Falling from a table in the hopes that your co-workers are going to catch you? A ropes course, or a minute-to-win-it type challenge at an offsite retreat? While those things can serve a purpose, there is a lot more to truly building a team than an emotional outing. In this webinar, you’ll learn practical strategies to create an environment that increases shared vision, collaboration, and teamwork. I developed this approach after taking over an organization with a very cut-throat, every-person-for-themself culture.

Increasing Personal Influence

Regardless of your age, education, tenure, or position, everyone has personal influence.  It is something that can’t be held or measured, but it is always happening. In this Essential Elements Webinar, you’ll see how five key aspects of interpersonal dynamics will shape your personal influence and allow you to cultivate deeper impact in the lives of people within your spheres of influence. Whether personal friendships or workplace relationships, these strategies will equip you to build trust, establish  a reputation of reliability, and afford you the opportunity to leave a legacy that will count for something after you’re gone.

Improving Customer Service

Customer Service will often determine whether someone chooses to do business with you more than once.  While people are driven by a variety of motivators when deciding between direct competitors, how they are treated is often one of the primary determiners after their initial experience. You will learn it in a way that will make it easy for you to remember and easy for supervisors and managers to reinforce.  We invite anyone that has direct contact with your customers to view.

Delivering Effective Presentations

Could you benefit from improving your presentation skills?  Most people would. Whether you make group presentations or present your ideas to one person at a time, you can increase your personal influence by learning how to deliver engaging, persuasive, memorable presentations. By incorporating these ideas into your communication toolbox, you’ll be able to get your ideas across more clearly, lessen the stress that presentations often cause, and develop greater influence both personally and professionally.

New You Reality

Studies show that by this point in the year, most people have already given up on their New Year’s Resolutions.  If you’d still like to improve yourself personally or professionally, but need a little help making that a reality, please join us for this Webinar.  You’ll learn how to set goals that address the areas in which you’d like to improve, but from a different perspective and with a different approach.

The Price of Leadership

The Price of Leadership is designed to help participants learn and understand what the cost of truly being a leader really is. Whether they are currently in a managerial role, or aspire to reach that type position at some point, this presentation will give them 5 key ingredients they can use as the framework as they grow throughout their career. We’ll talk about the difference between leading (people-oriented) and managing (task-oriented).

Driving From a Distance

Randy will share with you 7 key strategies that will help anyone that is trying to manage remotely. If you’ve suddenly found yourself and your team members working from home, these strategies are a must to make sure productivity and team culture don’t suffer in this unusual circumstance. Even if remote management is the norm for you, I believe these strategies can help you and your team perform better and achieve greater results.

Selling After a Crisis

Selling is never easy, but it can be exceptionally difficult in an environment such as our current reality. From my experience of leading a sales team through the aftermath of 9/11 and selling my current services during the 2008/09 economic meltdown, I discovered 4 crucial sales strategies that you have to incorporate into your approach to not only successfully get back on track, but also to help you avoid creating self-inflicted challenges later on.