Randy Anderson, CSP
Engaging, Equipping and Empowering People

We specialize in helping individuals, teams and entire companies reach higher levels of productivity, increase profitability, and enjoy more fulfilling lives. Through customized training, personal coaching, and keynote presentations we will equip your team with the tools and strategies to improve employee engagement, increase their time management skills, and achieve better life balance.

E3 Services

E3 works with individuals, teams, and entire organizations to help people become more engaged in their work, be better equipped to do their job, and feel empowered to live a more fulfilling life that will count for something. From his 20 years of experience in selling and managing sales operations both large and small, Randy Anderson became an expert on increasing workplace productivity, proficiency, and profitability. Now, he has developed methods to teach these strategies to people in all types of industries, at every level of education, age and position. No abstract theories or academic philosophies…just rubber-meets-the-road, proven strategies that can help anyone improve the way they live and work, and truly catapult the companies they work for to higher levels of productivity and profitability.

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E3 Purpose

I spent over 20 years in sales and sales management before starting E3 in 2005. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work with virtually every type of business and in every industry. My clients have ranged from small, mom-and-pop local businesses to large corporations that are spread all across the United States. It is from that experience that I have drawn the ideas and strategies I teach to help people improve their performance in the workplace and to achieve their maximum potential in life.

E3 Client Testimonials

Randy taught me how to set goals and live a life of vision. He gave me the ability to approach life with forethought and focus.
Alex Miller, Minister to University Students, Norman, OK

Randy has affected me not only as an employee but as a person and always made me think about the path I wanted to take in life. He is able to help people look at a job and make it not only a career, but a personal journey.

Charlie Rowten, Sales Manager, Lubbock, Tx
Thank you! I have been trying to get my life in balance and I truly believe that by using the tools and strategy you taught, I can live a life that is less stressful and that accomplishes more.
Melissa Leanza, Orange County, CA
Fantastic and relevant! The content really takes a holistic approach to help a person organize and execute their life goals more effectively.
Brandon Aubrey, Counselor and Advisor, South Plains College, Levelland, Texas
By incorporating what Randy taught me, I am now able to spend more time with my most important clients, keep a larger total number of customers and prospective customers in the pipeline and, in the end, increase my profitability.
Lane Salvato, Sales Representative, Industrial Raw Materials
Randy showed my agents how to better plan their days and their weeks, and how to be prepared for when “the unexpected” happens. Having my day already planned out and being better prepared for the unexpected has allowed me to spend more time with my family and doing other things besides working all the time.
Scott Toman, Owner/Partner, RE/MAX, Lubbock, Tx
Utilizing Randy was the best use of our training dollars and staff time. This was the best training I’ve had.
Sherri McDade, Deputy CEO, Denton Housing Authority, Denton, Texas

I’ve had several years of leadership training, but the session with Randy was practical, clear, and included valuable take aways.

Melissa Hodgson, HR Manager, Austin, TX
Visionary principles given in real world context!
Gabriel Boyd, Time Warner Cable, Austin, TX
Randy’s training truly creates an elevated sense of confidence and direction for our sales staffs. They leave his sessions with a purpose! I believe he will make a difference in your organization!
Marc Gilmour, General Manager, KVII-TV, Amarillo, TX
Randy’s training made me feel more confident in myself.
Jennifer Webb, Training Specialist, Albuquerque, NM
This training taught me a lot about myself. I learned what I need to do to become a better leader for my team, and HOW to do it.
Tori Prado, Program Coordinator, Community Access, Inc.
Randy does an excellent job of inspiring our people to be passionate about their job and improve their productivity. You can feel the enthusiasm in the room.
Wes Goldwater, Director of Operations, Osteogenics Biomedical, Lubbock, Texas
This was the freshest approach to leadership training that I’ve seen in a good many years. Well worth the time!
Lee Cox, Associate Dean, South Plains College, Levelland, Texas
Randy conducted an all day seminar for us and I was amazed at how the time flew by. The concepts and leadership techniques he taught us have given me great insight on how I can improve as an administrator.
Bobby Azam, Superintendent, Refugio ISD
Randy reaches his audience and is very motivational. There is no wasted time in his presentation. He is right on target!
Bill Leslie, Production Manager, San Angelo, TX
Over the last twenty years in commission-sales, I have had the opportunity to go to many sales seminars including Zig Ziglar, Jackie Cooper, Tony Robbins and Tom Hopkins. I have to say that the training and motivational sessions with Randy were on the same level as these high-profile seminars. I always walked away with new ideas and fresh tools to take to the streets and increase my sales activity.
Mark Mullinix, Oilfield Consultant, Midland, Tx
I believe this training will help my staff to become a stronger team…very helpful!
Danita Edwards, Qualified Mental Retardation Professional, Tyler, TX
This training is very thought provoking and will allow you review your leadership style objectively without feeling bad.
Jack Wardlow, Associate Dean of Research, South Plains College
Randy Anderson is more than an excellent presenter – he provides real world applications and tools to use long after the training session is over. The feedback I’ve received from the training seminar Randy conducted for our team was outstanding!
Crystal Reich, Training Coordinator/HR Generalist, X-Fab, Texas
Randy uses a positive teaching method with humor and illustrations. He does an excellent job with a very good presentation. I felt he was really interested in helping us.
Rob Gandy, BCM Director, Oklahoma
We are in a highly competitive market, so after learning E3’s “Return on Investment” strategy we immediately added this to our standard presentations in helping our clients value their investment. Within weeks it produced results.
Brent McClure, General Manager, KTEN, Amarillo
I personally have learned so much and truly benefited from Randy’s training. I always look forward to him coming and working with us. Randy is very inspiring and when he teaches, it makes me want to go out and bring in thousands of dollars for my company.
Laurie Woolley, Account Executive, Amarillo, TX
Randy is very down to earth. I really felt involved. He really related to all employees from bottom to top.
Sean Carter, Plant Manager & Art Director, Gandy Ink, San Angelo, TX
This was one of the most captivating and resourceful presentations I have ever attended. Randy was fun, energetic, and an obvious expert in his field.
Amber Laudan, Business Development Manager, Adecco, San Angelo, TX
Randy is one of the most practical “motivational” speakers I have had the opportunity to hear.
Carrie King, HR Manager, Austin, Tx
Randy was interesting, easy to understand, and kept everyone laughing…Very Inspiring!!
Courtney Bryant, Sales Representative, San Angelo, TX
You’ve helped me to develop the right type of mindset that I need when going out into the marketplace on a daily basis as well as teaching me how to live a profitable life; and by profitable, I am not only referring to money.
Matt McCollum, Search Consultant, Dallas, Tx
This is a great road map for personal success.
Stephanie Piper, Church Administrator, Brownwood, Tx
Having Randy working with our group over the last several months has resulted in specialized training with examples that are both relevant and timely. The familiarity that he has with our business and our employees is really benefiting us and I see us really getting more “bang for our bucks” than we have in past training seminars.
Sharon Arthur, Controller, eBank Systems, Lubbock, Texas
A lot of good, practical language included in the presentation will help me deliver this message back to senior management.
Nada Lulic, HR Manager, Austin, TX
Randy’s training was so good in allowing me the opportunity for self-reflection and instilling that we can do anything with discipline and commitment.
Jennifer Lara, Principal, Refugio ISD, Refugio, Tx
Randy’s training opened my eyes to the true meaning of being a leader and exhibiting leadership characteristics.
Felicia Thomson, Case Manager, Community Access, Inc.
Randy’s training really helped our group to focus on working together as a team and on a strengths-based approach to maximizing our value to the mission of our organization.
Bruce Thompson, Executive Director, Helping Hand Home for Children, Austin, Tx
Randy’s training gave me a brighter outlook on myself as well as my team leadership. I’m excited about the strategy of being accountable and holding my team members accountable.
Debra Denmon, Residential Manager, Community Access, Inc.
This seminar made me look inside of myself to see how I can be a better team player.
Rita Williams, Case Manager, Community Access, Inc.